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To reach the Traumatic Loss Team at anytime, call 315-376-9735.

The Lewis County Traumatic Loss Team is a collaborative effort of volunteers with a rich diversity of personal experience and professional skills, backgrounds and expertise available to provide supportive services to agencies, businesses and/or individuals in Lewis County who have experienced a recent suicide or sudden traumatic loss.

Our Primary Role is to:

Support people impacted by a sudden and/or traumatic loss with immediate needs to regain a sense of control over their lives and to promote individual and community healing.

What is a sudden and/or traumatic loss?

  • Completed Suicide- Confirmed and Nonconfirmed
  • Drug Overdose- Intentional and Unintentional
  • Fatal Car/ATV/Snowmobile Accidents
  • Homicide

The Traumatic Loss Team firmly believes individuals are resilient and if offered support, interventions and/or information, most individuals affected by a traumatic loss can heal without formal counseling or interventions. By responding to a request for assistance, the Traumatic Loss Team seeks to reduce the often overwhelming feelings of helplessness, confusion, and heightened anxiety that is normal following a traumatic loss.

The team, once notified, will typically respond within 24-72 hours of the loss. Additional follow up beyond the initial response may also be provided depending on the circumstances. A response may happen in person, over the phone, electronically or through any combination. Every event is unique and will be treated as such.

The Traumatic Loss Team is on call seven days a week throughout the year. Any member of the community, agency representative, police jurisdiction, fire department, hospital, school, faith-based organization or other organization can call to invite a response by the team. The response begins with a discussion between the person requesting support and the Traumatic Loss Team Coordinator to determine the specific level of response.

Response activities may include the following:

Direct Intervention
  • One-to-one Conversations on site
    (in the home, business, or agency)
  • Telephone Contact
  • Facilitated Small Group Discussions
  • Defusings/debriefings
Indirect Intervention
  • Information and Referral
  • Problem Solving and Practical Assistance
  • Emailing Resources and Supports

The team will not be providing therapy or clinical interventions.

What is the Traumatic Loss Team?
When you need support, we're here.
We wouldn't be who we are without our volunteers.

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To request activation of the team, please call 315-376-9735.

For more information or to join the team, please call or email Anna Platz.
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